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URGENT HELP NEEDED A 10th Life Cat Rescue in Harbor City, CA is being evicted from their warehouse location. Several rescues are working to help pull cats and get them the proper care and treatment they need. However, we need fosters and other rescues willing to step in and help! If you're able to foster or adopt an adult kitty and you live in Southern California, please email us at FFLRescueNetwork@gmail.com and we can direct you to the right people to contact. There are about 60-70 cats remaining and they need to be out ASAP. ***Note: Please try to hold judgment posts. We need to focus on getting the kitties out of there. Please also note, FFLRN is not directly affiliated with A 10th Life Cat Rescue. We are simply trying to help the animals there. Thank you***




Ms Jelly Bean

@fflrescuenetwork How are things now?

Frizy art

Aww poor babies. I will help you to repost this, since I'm not living in California.


@aimee_elizabeth71 there's an email up there, of how to get ahold of someone.

Aimee Fairchild

@jadedjen72 someone can I'm me the details of where to get them

P ⚫️ N Y

I would love to help if we were closer! We have 4 rescue cats and 2 rescue doggies. 💜💕💜 @catsofinstagram Sending love and support to these precious babies.