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Four Brow Styles. One Grand Prize Winner. 🏆 20 semi-finalists will get the chance to compete in #Benefit Brow Bootcamp for the ULTIMATE prize: ⭐️Win a $50,000 cash prize ⭐️Create Benefit’s 2018 Brow Style ⭐️ Land a Benefit content contract -- Enter Best in Brows: The Search for Benefit’s Next Style! For details about the competition & how you can win $50,000 ➡️ click the #LinkInBio! #benefitbrowsearch




Jannet Montiel





Every day !


Ugh my favorite combo 😍


Oh my I wanttttt❤️❤️✨✨

Kimmi Kontour

Literally this competition has been keeping me up at night. I can't stop thinking about new creative ways to showcase benefits brow styles. I have never wanted anything so bad!!! 😭 I tear up thinking about getting to even have the opportunity to meet 4 amazing beauty influencers❤️❤️❤️