Call of Duty

Over 180 new items are now live in Operation: Copperhead in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Remastered, including new weapon kits, customization items, camos, and the introduction of Captain Price in Multiplayer. #callofduty #cod #mwremastered




Anibal Fabian Vasquez Martin

En el mw normal no hay muchas cosas pero sigue siendo muy buen cod 😋


The best games


Nay, new stuffs are cool but I cannot get them.


@callofduty the new game mode rpgs only is broken I dislike it because I play it and shoot an rpg at someone and it goes flying up into the air and I shoot next to a person that there feet and I get a hitmarker and I always hate it

Ruben Reyes

Awesome pic