Leonardo DiCaprio

If the parks and reserves of Africa’s savannas were properly resourced and effectively managed, we could have 3-4 times the number of lions we have today. Today on #WorldLionDay, @LeonardoDiCaprioFdn and @WildNetOrg are launching a powerful coalition for #lionconservation--the @LionRecovery Fund. Find out more at lionrecoveryfund.org.





Hairy basterds are why the tiger can't get a bitefull

lindsay ✨

Wow Leo cause lions are leo

Sanja Tarabaric

Let us to save this great lions...and prepare for them a better wild world...😆😆


Let me expand on the things that I said earlier . Its as though we hear the whistle blowing we know the train is on the track but sometimes we don't have enough sense to get off before we get run over