Black Jaguar-White Tiger

Nicole & Jade... #LasComadresBJWT #TheBigPrideBJWT #SaveTigers #SaveJaguars #SaveLions #blackjaguarwhitetiger




Lily Headding

💕so cute

Laura Valdez Fabre🥀

@papinrodriguez ESOS SON TIGRES SANOS! No como los pobres que tienen en el zoológico de esta basura de país!!!

Amanda Renee Jenkins

@blackjaguarwhitetiger hello! I have a question for you or anyone who can answer this. LSU is getting a new baby tiger to put in their habitat as the campus mascot. The tiger is 11 weeks old so it will never see another big cat again. I see many people comment on LSU's post saying they wish the tiger had a friend to live with him. Every time someone says that multiple people comment tigers are solitary animals and don't want a friend (especially males). However, I see your posts and your tigers aren't alone. Your tigers seem to enjoy friends. I would like to know if you believe the tiger should have a friend or the tiger shouldn't be at LSU at all or is the tiger fine being alone forever?




No mames como es que no te matan!!! Están padrisimos pero creo que yo si muero de miedo de verlos tan cerca y sin reja

Anna Maria

@lewishamilton has to visit her ❤️🌹