Prissy and Pop💗💙

Our #FanFriday 🐽out goes to this cutie snuggling with me in my bikini and cowgirl outfit. I'm such a lucky piggy to have such sweet friends!!! 🐷💕👧🏻All our @gottagettagund plush are available on Amazon. Some of the older styles like these show have been retired, but there are still a few left!!! 🐷👙🐷🤠#GottaGettaPrissyandPop #GUND #GottaGettaGUND #PrissyandPop




Susan Morgan

Cute pic....!

Prissy and Pop💗💙

@prestonchasebaseball No, but they have Pop in jammies. Every athlete needs to rest before a big game!🐷😉🐷😘

Juliana Souza

Eu quero kkkkl


Very nice! Do they also sell them in sports themes?