Black Jaguar-White Tiger

So that people can understand why I am always fighting. In my time, boys boxed or played with soldiers and girls with Barbie dolls and magic ovens. The only neutral thing was a bicycle. Both genders rode them. Here, I'm boxing with Baby Shrek, and I was wearing a NASA pajama. And don't worry, Papa Bear has always been able to take a punch. Little Shrek did nothing to me. Also, noticed my hair before Cielo haha #PapaBearChronicles #NASA




Cristina Lavinia Milos

You are right papa,my doughter plays with boys only when they are raicing with their bucycles!


Just because you have a picture wearing some gloves as a kid doesn't mean you're a boxer, I could have a picture outside Buckingham palace it doesn't mean I'm the queen


Lovely papa ❤️❤️😍😄

Janet Watters

I climbed trees and played with toys that were more challenging. Lol. Fun things like Etch a Sketch, clackers, hula hoop, slinky, silly putty, the game operation.