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Stranded on a desert island? Scary. Stranded without your #benefit ride-or-die? A nightmare. ☠️ We partnered with 5 beachin’ benebabes to bring you the ultimate #BenefitIsland survival kit! 🏝Shop our limited-edition Beauty Stowaways set of 5 cult-faves now —exclusively at @sephora dot com for $32! ($61 value!) #benefit - Included: ☀️mini #POREfessional face primer ☀️mini #hoola matte bronzer ☀️mini #gimmebrow in shade 3 ☀️mini #rollerlash mascara ☀️mini #preciselymybrowpencil in shade 3





Omg 😱😍😚

Jannet Montiel

Just WOW!!!

Jannet Montiel



This will land to me soon from @sephora just for 32$😍


Done with Benefit!!!! Including a WELL KNOWN RACIST...

Mÿä Šhäë

This is amazing

anna ✨

@sophie._.honey i love these im emo