Madison and Trixie were a sight to behold! Thank you for posing ladies! Please follow @faulkinerh ! #TribecaPugs #pugsofinstagram #pugs #pug





Cuties 😊

Janette Rivera

Boots from where please? We rescued a 9yr doggo. Back and hip issues, meds made it worst😭 thankfully we took him off and week later he's back but still drags his feet

Hannah Jeynes

Where did you get his boots from I have a puppy pug with a curved spine and she needs boots as dragging her little back paws xxxxxx,,

Sophia Borghese

So sweeet!!!!

b o n n i e

@jillricelander 😂😂 what a trickster! Have a look on Etsy, a lot of sellers advertise with pugs as models so you know they'll fit. Good luck!