Samir Bali

My latest piece #RP below and over @storiesbysammyboy do follow my journey! "As I choose to allow space for my rhythm, a timely message arrives. I'm reminded I'm behind the wheel but not the only one that drives. Who is this silent partner that allows me to suffer while it constantly contrives? As I look around, it's nowhere to be found, so it must not exist I surmise. Finally I hear the silent whisper, "I exist within you, the rest are just lies." When I need it the most, It's the best kind of host, much to my surprise. And like that it's clear our partnership still thrives. With every breathe I'm reminded, I focus then realize." #astoria #queens #manhattan #nyc #writer #art #love #writersofinstagram #artistsoninstagram #heart #poetry #stories #story #realtalk #universe #tut

New York, New York



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Ever heard of bitcoin ?

Samir Bali

@mital_k_patel thank you I appreciate that, let's talk! DM me

Mital Patel

🔥 brother! Would love to work with you! 🙏🏻

Samir Bali

@kyleparchment_ thank you I really appreciate that, I will definitely take a look!

Samir Bali

@brielle_music thank you! Also love the fact I actually have a verified friend, thanks for making me cool! 😎

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You are inspiring, I hope you achieve all you want from life. Check out my profile. 🤗 hope it I inspires you.