You guys, my experience with Dan Siegel at OMEGA was AMAZING! Im still coming down from an inspired learning high. I'm posting this because his wheel of awareness meditation is a great tool and resource (it's also free). I will post the YouTube link in my bio and please check it out. I could totally nerd out and explain the science etc. but pretty much he has found a way to help people get comfortable going into the unknown of experience and has proven it strengthens your brain. Long gone are the days that we believe that we are a product of our genes and we have no control at all. If you are interested in epigenetics check out his work or even Bruce Lipton. Both have been featured on tons of free podcasts and I encourage you to listen in. #mindblown #traumainformed #neverstoplearning #healthiswealth #ptsdawareness #astoriastherapist #astoria #LIC #courtsquare #drdansiegel #wheelofawareness #meditation #healing #epigenetics

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Michael Mariano

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