Tarte Cosmetics

"I'm a little bit hopeless when it comes to skincare, but I tried out a sample size of this moisturiser a couple months ago and was honestly almost crying when it ran out. So I finally picked up a full size! Love love love this, feels so nice and hydrating and leaves my skin feeling so fresh and nice" 💙 -@cakedandconfident. Available now on tarte.com and @Sephora! #rainforestofthesea #tarteskin #tarteunderthesea #naturalartistry #rethinknatural #vegan






Atzimba Huipe

Giving samples is good for them. I’ve bought so many things cuz of samples and their birthday gifts.

Kate Fredrick

@tartecosmetics I just ordered this from Sephora!!! I saw @larlarlee recommend this for people that have oily skin she said should try a gel moisturizer. I am so excited to try!!!


@tartecosmetics do you have to rinse it off?


I got a sample of this with my @sephora points and I am hooked!!!

Grace Olenick

@tartecosmetics are samples Avalible to buy at sephora or are they free?!