Maybelline New York

Fake freckles for the girls at @jasonwu! Makeup artist, Yadim, and the Maybelline team used the brow precise micro pencil and dotted it around the face. They used multiple shades of the brow pencil so that the freckles would not all be the same shade - making them look more natural. Would you rock this look? #mnyfashionweek #mnybrows #nyfw




b a b y g i r l

@aybimina narumduman ko si reynon 🙄

Ivy Mina🌻

Narumduman taka @ohohmarla hahaha


I already have freckles😒

Azzah Othman

Lps no kne pk blk la nk buanv ke tk haha

Azzah Othman

Wahh berharga ni.. haha