Tarte Cosmetics

Enjoy a pretty pairing of a deluxe powder & liquid highlighter for a universally radiant nude glow with our limited-edition overexposed highlighting set!✨ Available now on tarte.com! #tartedelight #newness #rethinknatural #naturalartistry






Natalie Fullmer

Hi have this highlight and I went to use it one day and it was completely shattered. I think my sister might have dropped it and not have told me. I looked up how to fix it but I don't trust the internet. I would love your advice on how to get it back so I can use it. It's honestly my favorite highlight!

Luxury on a budget (L😊B)

How do i order please?


I guess it's my fault for not really reading it but I didn't know I'd be paying for sample sizes 😒


I have these both in Stunner. Gorgeous!