Marlon Wayans

‪I can't believe next week is the season finale of @NBCMarlon trust me when I say "we saved the best for last"!‬ tune in THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT at 9 & 9:30pm everyone do what we have a #MARLON PARTY @nbcmarlon FINALE





Congrats marlon on season 2

Alecia Ford

@marlonwayans okay!!!!! I just binged watched Season 1 of your show (college grad and concerts-priorities🙄) I have to admit, this is the most laugher I've had from a show in a very long long time. I love have you act a fool but still make Ashely feel like she's loved (that was the exes with benefits episode 😂). Btw, that roasted pig line was hilarious!!!!😂😂😂 I've always loved the Wayans' Brothers and @essence_says really helps bring you back into balance, but when she tried to put the apple in her mouth, I almost died laughing. Thank you for taking comedy and being unbiased. No race is exempt. 😂😂 Anyways, I love your work and keep it up. Hopefully I can see your stand up show one day. 😊😊

Jakki Taylor Richardson

This episode was HIGHlarious!!!!!! I re-watched! lol!!!

Ronald Wallington Jr.

Congrats on all the success w/season 1 and being renewed for season 2! The show is a hit! "Have you seen her Snapchat???" She is borin' as hell! I unfollowed her 4 months ago!" 😂😂😂 #Hilarious @marlonwayans @nbcmarlon

Juan Pichardo

Yo. Your killing it! Keep it up!!! What was that?...last three eggs in a egg carton!!! @marlonwayans


My homie Sam was in this episode! #dope


#Marlon keeps getting better and better!