Priscilla and Poppleton💗💙

Running from #HurricaneIrma like...... 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐶We enjoyed one last trip outside this morning before hunkering down. We are expecting rain and wind here all day with the worst weather during the night tonight as the storm passes. Piggy prayers for our friends to the south of us in the direct path of Irma. We are thinking of you!🐷🙏🏼🐶🙏🏼#rainraingoaway #weatheringthestorm #Pigtailthepug #PoseyandPink #PrissyandPop




Shaytoun Idefix Ewok 6/03-9/17

Hi cuties I have bad news 😢 @prissy_pig

Priscilla and Poppleton💗💙

@macaponyandcheese We are pretty close if not. Seems like we are just filling out some more but not getting any taller or longer. That happens with age mommy said.🐷😉


Hurry up guys. U don't want 2 wait 2 long. 🐖🐖🐖

Hannah and Maggie

Are Prissy and Pop fully grown?

Gizmo & Bentley Mini Pigs 🐷🐷

Run run run ❤🙏🏻