SENIOR SUNDAY! Ever wonder how our friends at @susiesseniordogs got their start?! "Senior dogs have my whole heart. About six years ago, a 10 pound girl with a natural mohawk came into my life. By fate. Her name is Susie and she was around 11 years old. Susie lived with her former owner for her whole life, until the owner stated he was no longer able to keep her when he got remarried. Susie's past is irrelevant, but necessary to include solely to highlight she was given up for reasons entirely unrelated to anything one may think she did wrong. Not at all. Soon after Susie came into our lives, she quickly bonded us with. She traveled with us as often as we could take her along. She was mellow and easygoing and adapted well in every situation. She went for nightly walks in Central Park, dipped her paws in two oceans, and even once crossed the Canadian border! Before we knew it, life before Susie was hard to recall. Susie was so impossibly easy (not to mention incredibly lovable and adorable) that we often wondered how she could have ever been let go. But that is no matter, because for so many reasons I feel ever grateful that our paths crossed. Susie opened my eyes to the beauty of loving a dog in their senior years. And she made me aware of the sad fact that so many homeless senior dogs never get the same chance Susie did in her senior years. A little over three years ago, I created @susiesseniordogs on a whim -- but whole-heartedly because of Susie. I wanted to promote dogs from shelters who simply had a few years on them, and were getting lost in the shuffle because of it. Every senior dog without a forever home - regardless of size or breed - represents Susie to me. And it crushes me to think of Susie not finding love just because of her age. On April 22, 2016, our sweet Susie passed away. I very much believe time is irrelevant when it comes to love. A day is a year...and a year is a day. I'd rather have had a day with Susie than to have never known her at all. Loving a senior dog, and being loved by a senior dog, is one of the greatest experiences I wish everyone would allow themselves to have. Simply put, adopting a senior dog is truly, wholly, 100%."





so cute

Pete Cameron

@hillsterling well, it is your birthday coming up!


What a beautiful love story, if you believe you will see each other again ❤️🐾