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Click the link in our bio to join Allison on her NYC commute into work & follow her around for a fun Friday at tarte HQ! #tartelette #vlog #adayinthelife




aria bloedorn


Amanda Garland

Looks good minus those brows EEK!

Slime Cosmetics

Omg, I love tarte, but this morning I opened my pro glow pallete that is fairly new and had been sitting on my desk to see stunner in pieces!!

Gracey 🃏

@elizabethcolby2913 Genuinely thought they were the those peel off brows for a sec


@gracey_wilkins Thinking the same

Gracey 🃏

Those brows 🤔?

Tarte Cosmetics

@isabae.zhang It's the foundation brush from our treasured tools brush set! 🖌