🐾 Arlen & Kristina 👣

We had an amazing 1.5 hour walk tonight, complete with some confidence building on playground equipment and bridges. I've been pretty sure that Arlen has entered another fear imprint stage (his are barely noticeable) so I've been trying to make a bit of an extra effort to give him the best experiences possible confidence wise. He had a great time, so, success! The best icing on the cake... There's a super scary aggressive dog behind a tall metal fence at one part of this trail. Last year when Arlen was little we were walking past one day and I didn't see the dog outside, he didn't either. Right as we walked past the dog lunged at the fence out of nowhere and scared puppy Arlen enough that he was weary to go back that way, and I didn't want another bad experience to happen so I kind of avoided that way when we took that trail. He continued to want to avoid it too. I decided him not liking that specific spot was better than chancing making him wary of all dogs. I never felt like I had the confidence I needed to take him past, even though I knew we'd need to face it someday. Well, tonight I decided he was doing great, I was feeling good enough, we were out that way, it was worth a shot. I took him that way and he trusted when I started walking that way. We pranced by confidently as the dog once again rushed up to the fence and started snarling. I had to ask Arlen to touch my hand to redirect back to me twice as we passed, but he redirected to me and we passed that dog so confidently! I am so proud of my Arlen boy. He was so proud of himself too. I love these times where I feel like it was a real building experience for us as a team. It sounds like such a small thing, we pass aggressive dogs all the time just fine, but this specific one was a victory for us! This is a long post, but it was a good long walk. ❤️




Charlie the Golden Retriever

Yay!!! Go team, Go!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!! 👏👍🙌