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Be the one that decided to go for it!✨ Our make magic happen eyeshadow palette!✨ Available NOW on tarte.com & @ultabeauty! #repost from @bribri.mua #doubledutybeauty #rethinknatural #naturalartistry #ultabeauty




Irena von Monaco

@mariana4.3 sve znam.... i meni sline cure ;)


@irena_von_monaco Kako mizerno a tako dobra kozmetika..Steta😣

Irena von Monaco

@mariana4.3 upravo pokusala. Postarina te dodje gotovo jednako kao i npr paleta 😬😬😬

🎀 Stacey Johnstone 🎀

Hi when I went to tarte website I noticed you do uk orders now! Does that mean I won't had to pay customs tax etc? I've ordered a few items from America before I'm dollars and when they deliver I've had to pay an amount making it not worth it! Just wanted to check @tartecosmetics xx


Сколько стоит?

Alina Pacheco