Marlon Wayans

Me and the big homey @martinlawrence not many people have made me laugh as much as he did. Got massive respects for tthis dude. People say "you try to hard to be funny"... YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO!!! This dude worked hard every episode of #Martin 20 years later we still laughing!!! #legend #martin #marlon

The Beverly Hilton




Ok marty mar

Tina Anders

Nice picture

marla maharaj

Much love to u an Martin love that guy as well he's quite a good comedian must make u laugh

Bree Bree

Me and my husband were just talking about how Martin still comes on BET. I still DIE laughing at Martin. Y'all are two of my favorite comedians ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 #blackmenarekings @marlonwayans