Queen yah


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Simone Benni

🔝 super minaj


Pills Nd portion.


Nick .Nick. You are d number one for d area


like I would be anxious so I would have to be gentle but I'm like.. well.... I keep it g rated but imagine how I think and what I don't tell u


o 1 last ting Queen... man I was slobbinnnnn on twitter u said the tweet made u bust out laughing about u said u tried to ride a dog and fell I holla'd but did u see my foot post I know that had to make u chuckle but its so serious doe too look your legs and feet here look @ them close your eyes... take a deep breath... think SALIVA! MINE! ALL OVER YOUR BOWWWDDDDDY!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA , ha ha hell IM SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!! AHAAHHHAHAHAHAHHA did u laugh? did u laugh? AHAHAHAHAHAHHa