Russell Wilson

Check out my podcast!!! "DangerTalk" Episode 2! Download the @TraceMe_app to hear now! #TraceMe




kenyetta jones

God keep Blessing himand his Family

Joyeth Bent

My trace me app gets deleted

Serena b

@jnthomas24 Your life is more of a joke. Russ is living his dream. What does your life look like?

Jani Crom

So Awesome! Love it! DangerTalk Episode 2 was so amazing Inspiring, motivational & encouraging! You speak with great confidence & poise! You give such great words of advice & wisdom. Love how you go deep into your life and give us the fans a personal look into your life on and off the field keeping it real!I'm so inspired & encouraged! Putting my vision on paper! Really enjoying the #TraceMe app so amazingly Innovative refreshingly Cool!! Wishing it much success! Continuous blessings to you @dangerusswilson @ciara beautiful love & family!🙌🏽 💙💚💙💚💙💚💯💯

C. Davis

@jnthomas24 Russ is always focused on the field. You're on the wrong IG talking that mess. The o-line needs to focus, some of his receivers need to focus, but Russ is always focused, because he hates to lose. He wants to be the best.


@vicentejrbaldovinos maybe you should go out there and protect him then he won't be getting sacked, y'all are the worst fans ever I swear

John Thomas

Focus on the actual game you joke