Maybelline New York

These party favors are 🔥! #superstaymatteink was given out to guests at the #maybellinemansion, presented by @vmagazine. Leave a 💋in the comments if you're currently obsessed (because we definitely are)! 📸 @gettyimages #mnyfashionweek #nyfw




Billie Rebecca Walker

@erogemaster product doesn't tell you you need a remover there's no instructions on it! Also the texture is still grim I would not want anyone to kiss me with this disgusting stuff on I'd probably never see them again

shae-lynn stanford

@nairik90 Yeah they can be difficult to take off. I used an eye makeup remover honestly. It's oil based. I'm shocked coconut oil didn't help you lol. 😂

shae-lynn stanford

@queen.feta You can remove it with an oil or oil-based makeup remover. You probably were using a water-based remover. The product is difficult to take off because it is meant to last so long. Also when applying try not to smack your lips together. Hope this helps. :)

Sally Dominguez

@queen.feta they sell a remover right next to it that's similar in texture to a balm, removes it right away