Black Jaguar-White Tiger

Great things sometimes come to an end. With a bittersweet flavor, I want to announce that Boycott Circus and BJWT will no longer work together after the 27th of October. Jamie and Papa Bear are great friends and will remain great friends. Our needs and capabilities have just changed so both of us have to adapt. Jamie has been a Blessing for the Foundation but 500 kids are a lot to support so we have to adjust our way of approaching things. Jamie will continue hosting our raffle winners because this adjustment is only a part of growing up, not growing apart. Starting today, the sale will go to 60 percent until all items are sold out or the 27th of October arrives. Again, on a personal way, I want to thank Jamie for all the Love shown to the kids and Papa Bear through the years. She's a True Angel and the world needs more Humans like her... #ThankYour #BeHuman #SaveOurPlanet




SonDamas.💑 26k?

Los mejores 💕



Lisa Martin Artist/HuskyMum

Thank you @boycottcircus for so much, I learnt so much about all the kids, from you and Vanessa, your photographs, almost make me cry, they capture so much, the feeling and the love, all the very best to you, love and light jamie🌟... (I managed to buy a like a gazillion things too lol )


Best to you both and for all that you did for BJWT Jamie - you rock!

Mary C

💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 . Hope all goes well


It would be a tough decision for Papa Bear n Jamie. Look forward #bestwishes @boycottcircus @blackjaguarwhitetiger #bjwt