Black Jaguar-White Tiger

The lady that broke of my 3 ribs: Cheyennita... #JuliosPrideBJWT #SaveLions #blackjaguarwhitetiger





I pray you are recovering well.💙💙🙇‍♀️💙💙😙

Nicole Rosales 👑

@acevismista they are all rescues that suffered harsh conditions at young ages therefore not able to survive in the wild because they aren’t accustomed to the wild so Eddie has a sanctuary where they can live a healthy, happy and social life


How did she break them?

Mary C

Wow be careful 🙏🏻💖💖💖🦁🦁🦁

Rachel Branch

@yolana_dee I remembered that one. I'm just surprised she's never broken any of his bones lol

Yolana Dee

@rachelab87 She incidentally punctured his palm (can't remember right or left) around 2 years ago I guess. Eddie was carrying her and he got slipped, they both fell and she incidentally bit his palm through. Eddie had to wear cast to protect his hand for several days

Joyya Williams

@kerrybayvel they was playing and she plays rough and he hit a pole