Black Jaguar-White Tiger

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Forever standing beside you and the kids. Together we can make miracles happen, and find joy from each other's humor. Keep it coming Eddie 💙💙💙💙

Janet Watters

One of my favorite movies is Dance with me. Has Vanessa Williams and Kristen Kristofferson in it. Chayanne did the choreography and is lead dancer.

Janet Watters

I love your choice in music. CAB CALLOWAY ROCKS! As does QUEEN, AC/DC, BLUES BROTHERS, BEE GEES, VAN HALEN, that was my music then and now. ZZ TOP AND SANTANA could you see them doing a show together? Love the Latin songs also, was a disco queen in the day. The beat just flows through you.


For all that you stand for and all that you do ~we love you💙

Alex Blackwell

This page seems more and more about promoting yourself. I rate what you do, it is a great thing, but this page should be about the animals and not about you