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It's football season!!! 🏈What kind of fan are you: fanatic or just there for the fun? Head to our YouTube channel NOW and find out! #football #tartetalk




Natalie sekerak

Clemson tigers!!!!!

Cherry Mari 🇺🇸

Haha! Neither 😉

Shianna D



🤣🤣🤣 this was hilarious!! College football fan here! Had to make some adjustments to my wardrobe for today bc still working off some baby fluff 😑 Go Gamecocks!!! #gogamecocks #collegefootball #gameday

Ashley Baldwin

I'm not a fan but my coworker used to talk to customers about the game. I'll just be standing there rolling my eyes

Adrianna Goodwin

@ursulamoira that has nothing to do with it. In the first clip she was uninterested in the game and was on the phone. In the second clip she was cheering for the team and what not. Nobody was shaming anyone and if you want to wear a dress and watch football then do you. Who cares