So the @Indians get a movie now, right?




Bum's Bum

This would be amazing


That already have one

Thomas Kruza🏈⚾️

The A's weren't that good though. Picture the Phillies winning 22 straight

Darren Shetler

Can it end with minor striking out lindor?

Kyle Kondor

Caption 😂


@ryda_be_ridin_ that's exactly what I'm thinking


Not even on the same level of impressiveness. Don't get me wrong, this streak is amazing but "Moneyball" has that name for a reason. The 02 A's just came off another year loosing to the Yankees in the playoffs and their best players left in the previous season. The A's had a budget of merely 40 mil with a bunch of nobodies former stars years out of their prime on this team. This team was expected to tank but they started to turn the heads of MLB teams and fans alike when they started winning. This streak pushed the last place A's to top of the division. This streak was also much more of a thriller than the Indians streak. The Indians were just dominate while the A's had suspenseful moments throughout