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🌹Gold is love.
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Wait for it...
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O. My god


Even a pyramid looks tiny, when you are that high up.
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Hi uolssss...
Jumpa saya kat Booth ByRCW di BAZAR FESTIVAL ,
Galeria PJH , Perceint 4 PutraJaya ...
12.30 sat ja lagi 😘😘😘


From @britishbrothers: “So satisfied. 😹” #catsofinstagram


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Caption this.


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FOUR lead changes in the final minute! The BEST down the stretch in the Game 1 thriller. #WNBAFinals (repost @wnba)



Meditating 😸



Contour to perfection in 3 easy steps with the #mastercontour palette and NEW contouring brush available exclusively at @walmart.


Ugh 😍


Mais um dia de #RIR com meu AMOR @brunogagliasso ❤️❤️❤️ @cseventos 📸 @reginaldofoto


Goodbye weekend 🐚 @AdwoaAboah and @SashaBLane wearing Marc Jacobs Fall '17 styled by @SaraMoonves photographed by @Bruce_Weber for @VogueMagazine ✨ #MJFW17


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Flowers gang! 💐🌺🌸 in backstage of #Moschino
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Já são 30 milhões de visualizações no YouTube em apenas 03 semanas! Eu Vou te Buscar, já é sucesso em todo Brasil! Só tenho a agradecer pelo carinho de todos. Vocês são incríveis! Lembrando que amanhã será o lançamento nacional em todas as rádios, peçam na sua favorita! #EuVouTeBuscar @baladamusic @hungria_oficial


Something new is coming... Can you guess what it is? Click the link in our bio & sign up to be the FIRST to find out when it drops🍂🍁#rethinknatural


Here's lookin at you, kid


Demanding Sunday scratchies.


#markgonzales sighting at NYC premiere of #birdhousesaturdays! So cool to finally introduce Riley to the one who revolutionized his way of skating


おはまる〜*\(^o^)/* 今日も動物愛護週間開催中だよ!今日はわんこに好かれる人の特徴教えてあげるね!それはね、「わんこに嫌われることをしない」人だよ。かわいいー!きゃー!と言って真正面から近づくのが最もNGなんだ。それはわんこの世界では敵意のあらわれそのものだからね。これで吠えちゃうのは、実は正常なわんこの反応で、これも「犬の習性」なんだよ。だからすぐに問題行動だと決めつけないであげてね。知らない人にこれやられたら、人間だってビビるでしょう?

What kind of person is liked by dogs? The answer is those who will never do what dogs dislike. Before you conclude that dogs have behavior problems are not good, please learn how to touch to a dog or how to care for animals.


Cave Dwellers
Photo by @lilylunaa


Rad Chad is a dirty cheater and everyone knows it. It's only tied because he CHEATED. #radchadsucks ⠀


@SterlingKBrown didn't get a chance to complete his Emmy speech. I'm so glad he was here to finish it. Watch tomorrow.


‪Look what u made me do @taylorswift