Marlon Wayans

ST. PETERSBURG! FLORIDA! @marlonwayans performing LIVE! SEPTEMBER 16th at The MAHAFFEY THEATER!!! 1 SHOW ONLY! GET TIX NOW!!! http://tinyurl.com/yb9rjp3y




Gabika 🐝

Coming to my city and I will be in Europe. 😢 Love you Marlon ❤️💋


My favorite wayan bro. ❤️

Jesse Cunningham

Nooo, is this stand up? Never saw this coming!

Smiley Jo

You look shone much like Damon in this pic


Waiting for a Miami show!!!!!

Sheyvonne Ramsey

Hi Marlon, just wanted to let you know we are now dating.😉😉😁😁

Renee Sergiacomi

@marlonwayans Listen you. You can have your opinions and views on things but when its someone you don't know like Delta Goodrem you can keep your mouth shut, you don't know her so why judge her. What because of how she dances, if thats a reason then thats petty. If there is one thing you should know about Delta is that her fans always stick up for her, defend and that they are loyal to her no matter what. I really don't understand why you would say that about her. As one of her loyal fans I ask you to stop saying judging Delta because its just pointless when you don't know her.