Russell Wilson

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Go Hawks

Aiden Velazquez

I love Russell Wilson

CH/\S€ StaRR🔥

It's hard for me to lose faith in some one who inspires me @dangerusswilson your a good role model , we all look up to u real talk. Today really hit me hard man. I wanted us to win this game this is a new year for us . Ya we can't win it all true but this game was a test for us. We can defeat our opponents. I really believed we would win this game and and go 12-3 this season.

MrCharlie Playz

I'm your biggest fan




ARE YOY FINALLY THE WHOLE DAMMMMMMM TEAM GOING TO NOW SIT WITH @mosesbread72 ! You have to come together ok order to send a message , make change otherwise they will use you all for the money to the NFL , and this injustice can happen to you next or your kids !!!! Dammmmit the whole NFL HAS TO SIT !! Together you accomplish change ! Stand with your brother if you want change !!!