Leonardo DiCaprio

#Regram #RG @nrdc_org: Trump’s Wall = Wildlife Extinction? As President Trump has now threatened a government shutdown if he doesn’t get his border wall, here’s yet another reason to oppose it: He plans to start building it in a wildlife refuge, placing ocelots at risk of extinction while also threatening monarch butterflies, Sonoran pronghorns, pygmy owls, and Mexican gray wolves, among other wildlife. Read more in the link in our bio. ____ #wildlife #politics #wolves #WildlifeRefuge #borderwall #StopExtinction #endangeredspecies #owls #butterflies




Suzanne 🌿

@matildacarling :(

Anusha Singh

Oh God I hope the animals are not affected


My god., I don't understand how ppl can be so careless., we need to wake Up & see all the damage that is being done on a daily basis to our planet 🌎 the consequences to every bad decision is apparent when you look at our environment., and our climate change., @leonardodicaprio you are a true warrior of our planet keep fighting & speaking out about the real issue that affect our world ✊🏼🙏🏽💫

Jessica Brink🤓

@dan.klingeryd ok. Work on your grammar.

Dan Klingeryd

@jessie_girl30 maybe if you could read the national history of China you might find proof of nature habitat that has gone extinct.. but why would a American even care as long their isn't any planes circle your own city's.. Americans has brought war globally and the panic solution is lots build a wall.. that will change things.. so smart..

Dan Klingeryd

@jessie_girl30 well honestly if you where elected I would flee to Mexico..

Dan Klingeryd

Yup and the fact that all does American s that did vote on Trump tells the rest of the world how broken the people are. The education level is so low that it's a wonder it's not called a u land. Like Nigeria or Kuwait or simply Somalia. Those lands struggle with their dictators and the poor people don't have the power to change anything. I like to say it's government of America that is Americas new dictator and everyone swallows all the hypothetical bullshit that says on the news. It like in North Korea. Lies lies lies lies lies. Kim jung saved the world under ww2? True or false? You Americans are so fucking lost, it's awkward to hear "I am proud American" yeah you are dumb as a train and you're proud of it, good for you. Hey don't elect a idiot in a land that is "don't" who is racist fascist and a economic freak, the only thing that will happen is a lot more issues will happen.. can't say I'm sorry 😐 if you give an axe to person left on a island where there is only one tree left what does he do? Of course I cuts it. Because he only uses 4% of he's brain..