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#Regram #RG @nrdc_org: Trump’s Wall = Wildlife Extinction? As President Trump has now threatened a government shutdown if he doesn’t get his border wall, here’s yet another reason to oppose it: He plans to start building it in a wildlife refuge, placing ocelots at risk of extinction while also threatening monarch butterflies, Sonoran pronghorns, pygmy owls, and Mexican gray wolves, among other wildlife. Read more in the link in our bio. ____ #wildlife #politics #wolves #WildlifeRefuge #borderwall #StopExtinction #endangeredspecies #owls #butterflies




Stevie Brown

Here's a lil rhyme I modified just for Trumpty as soon as he became president.. Humpty Trumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Trumpty had a great fall, ALL the prick horses n military men, didn't give a fuck, the idiot was dead! And going by the way he's behaving it looks like no one likes him (even his own Government despise him) And take into consideration, I have NO interest n politics, never have had n never will have. I just know an eejit when I see one.

Veronica, Roni, Hey You....

Trump wouldn't give a crap.


Because the people are destroying the habita. Are animals very beautiful.


I dare you to go the jungle and save tigers


@fatima.maldonado omg this is so sad

Alexander Riley

All they have to do is get their papers and they will be fine.. listen they are rapist owls and drug dealer oscelots so we don’t need them.