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#Regram #RG @nrdc_org: Trump’s Wall = Wildlife Extinction? As President Trump has now threatened a government shutdown if he doesn’t get his border wall, here’s yet another reason to oppose it: He plans to start building it in a wildlife refuge, placing ocelots at risk of extinction while also threatening monarch butterflies, Sonoran pronghorns, pygmy owls, and Mexican gray wolves, among other wildlife. Read more in the link in our bio. ____ #wildlife #politics #wolves #WildlifeRefuge #borderwall #StopExtinction #endangeredspecies #owls #butterflies





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@millsco do you're research little buddy. #1 pigmey owls don't have autism.. they can simply fly over the wall. #2 ground animals don't need to fucking cross it anyway they're good right where they're at. Before you comment o


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@atliens96 You're seriously suggesting that the animals need to find a way to survive? Really? How fucking stupid are you. FYI, I lean more towards the right than the left. I am not an idiot and I'm thinking logically about the results of building a wall. A wall will not keep immigrants out but it will keep out deer, wolves and other animals that desperately need to migrate to stay alive. If you want the animals to die then you can have fun with your barren landscape and climate change. And my bio is sarcastic. You seem like a fucking idiot - not one bit of logic in your comment. Kill yourself you cunt.