Posting dis to show u that we are real, and down to earth doggo just like u. Just remember dat what u see on social media isn't always a reality friends, just bc u see other doggos sleeping perfectly together doesn't mean they do it all the time. Insta-doggo just like to post the most flattering angles of themselves but it doesn't mean they don't look like normal doggo when the camera isn't on. Don't compare someone else's highlight reel to ur reality.. #sodeep #preach #instagirlsbelike #instavsreallife #ifucanthandlemeatmyworstudontdeservemeatmybest




Rhianon Kilzer

@fabulousj9 I love the caption

Mo Maisey

@carolynkeep for the love of god if there is just one thing you do tomorrow. Spend some quality time having a good ol lol with your husband and scroll through this epic Insta account