Jamie O'Brien

It's been a fun summer sailing around the north shore with friends ! @annikabbauer @jake_of_all_trades @samcustin @synscity @john_john_florence @808_surf_ninja @__skywalka__ @karakozuma music 🎶 @theellamenobeat video

North Shore, Hawaii




@whoisjob I live in cali and the next time your out here hit me up I have a nacra 15 it's a 15 foot catamaran with a double trap system that we have hit around 30 on. I said competitively and I would want u to come try this thing!!

Morgan Spadone

Love this clip Jamie O

Frank Berguin

Man I should still be there...


@cesar_arthur olha, qnd estiver em Penha... ou marcamos uma exclusivamente pra isso!



R Tico

How do they stay on? @butcher760

Cesar Arthur

@raonibalzan qnd vamos andar?