C A I T 🦋 R O S E

read it over. again. let those words resonate in your mind. be the change you wish to see! /// 🌎🌱🌊🌈 #veganfortheplanet

Santa Barbara, California



Nicole Jarvis

🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 this is really sad! Thanks for sharing though

C A I T 🦋 R O S E

@gabsgetgnarly yep! we're also lied to by the government every day! so people believe what they're told to believe instead of researching and understanding the truth! ✊🏼🌎🌱


Thanks for sharing, it's really upsetting. I feel society tries to forget and push important things like this back because they're in denial.

Chéréneffe Fleur

Thankyou so much for sharing..

julie || casually jules

Thanks for sharing this info.


Wow. Just wow. There needs to be some major changes 😢😥