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This really puts into perspective both how small BUB is (4 lbs), and how enormous Special Dale Cooper is (24 lbs). #lilbub #dalecooper ​


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Dash, Labrador Retriever (8 m/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • "She got spayed, then broke three toes, then had an ear infection, then got an abscess...but other than that she's perfect. She was only supposed to keep the cone on for 48 hours, but with her track record I think it'll be on for more than that."


I swear I'm wearing pants. #CamoJokes 🙈
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Quiet morning on Berg Lake 🌲 🇨🇦 Photo by @stevint


Enjoy yours!





Throw back, family vacation in Jamaica. Sahar, little Bella mafia, and Gmoney. Chilling. #50centralbet


Things are coming along nicely at the Zions Bank Basketball Campus! 🛠🏀 More pics coming soon!


Ontario, Canada
Photo by @jayeffex


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Sunday funday! 😀


Flight Suit.

The Blue Suede Air #Jordan 5 Retro arrives in stores and online Saturday. Reservations are open.



Pelicans statement


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Never a dud when you're in the mud.
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"‪I can't live without my pugkin spiced lattes" -Doug


Guys; Mexico is really damaged and we need your help. This campaign will help buy food, medicine, clothes, and whatever is needed EXCLUSIVELY FOR HUMAN VICTIMS from the earthquake. My Foundation, Black Jaguar-White Tiger helps Animals so I won't ask money for them, I'll take care of the Animals myself. This money is to help Humans damaged from this Earthquake. I don't have a budget to present to you because I've never done this before but I will provide invoices after I spend the money. All I can do is try to help my country and my fellow citizens. I landed in Milan for an event and found out about the Earthquake, got out of there on the first flight available. We need the money right away so the campaign will be short. AND DON'T WORRY, WE'll GIVE THE FOOD AND MATERIALS DIRECTLY TO THE PEOPLE. HELP US OUT PLEASE. THE ACTIVE LINK IS ON OUR BIO. THANK YOU... Amigos; Mexico esta verdaderamente dañado por el terremoto y los necesitamos. Esta campaña servira para comprar comida, medicina, ropa y lo que se necesite EXCLUSIVAMENTE PARA AYUDAR HUMANOS. Mi Fundacion, Black Jaguar-White Tiger ayuda a los Animales asi que no les voy a pedir dinero para ellos, los seguiremos ayudando obviamente, pero los gastos seran cubiertos por la Fundacion. No tengo un presupuesto que presentarles pues nunca he hecho esto pero voy a publicar facturas de todo lo que se compre. Lo unico que puedo hacer es tratar de ayudar a mi pais y a mis compatriotas. Aterrice en Milan para un evento solo para enterarme del terremoto en mi México. Conseguí el primer boleto de avión disponible y aqui estoy. Se necesitan los recursos rapido asi que la campaña sera corta. Y DESPREOCÚPENSE, ENTREGAREMOS LA AYUDA DIRECTO A LAS VICTIMAS. AYUDEN A MEXICO POR FAVOR. EL LINK ACTIVO PARA DONAR ESTÁ EN NUESTRO BIO. GRACIAS...
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From @jaguartails: "Sunday morning workout with music! 😹😸 ” #catsofinstagram


Lovely gift from a little girl 💕❤️ Thank u HK can't wait to see you guys again!! You guys were amazin' 😘


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We haven’t seen anything like the @Indians’ recent run in a long, LONG time.


Happiest 33rd birthday to the only person yg responsible to all my calltimes, my clothes, my errands and my schedules! I always pray for our rezeki and good health, @ijoyyahaya 😜


“We have a choice about how we take what happens to us in our life and whether or not we allow it to turn us. We can become consumed by hate and darkness, or we're able to regain our humanity somehow, or come to terms with things and learn something about ourselves.” – Angelina Jolie


...said every dog with their own Instagram account 😂. Our fall hoodie collection was inspired by the things we think our furry friends are thinking 🤔 ☺️


@fentybeauty #GALAXY holiday collection!!