Black Jaguar-White Tiger

Air Schatzi climbed where not even Dharma could reach. She's cray cray... #BabySchatziBJWT #SaveLeopards #blackjaguarwhitetiger




Gloria Boneth


Cornelia Keller-Milak

@yolana_dee - i was surprised when i read that fiona is so interested in this project - thougt she was more in jewels & money....maybe i underestimated her....

Cornelia Keller-Milak

@yolana_dee - i knew he had it from 'my' country....didn't know that eddie was in austria already....

Leslie Love

She is so adorable!!💖💖💖

katjuscha ♉

Soooo sweeeet..... 100000 kisses...😘😘😘😘



Mary C

Schatzi is so big now 🌚🖤😻 gorgeous. I thought it was Cielo 💖💖