The #Windians won’t stop! That’s TWENTY-ONE in a row for the @Indians – an AL record!

Progressive Field



Arick Perez

@tianoannunziata thx for correcting me

Tiano Annunziata

@aweperez234 22*

Arick Perez

I'm not a Indians fan but I still will give this team credit for winning 21 games in a row that's pretty impressive

Gil Sanchez

@nholman131 who's the joke now?

Gil Sanchez

@_imagxoamitaaa14_ what was that "no they won't "? KC blew it yesterday but made up for it today.

Kody Kidd

So sick

🏒JT Fritz🏒

@kevin.phillips01 the Indians odds for winning the World Series, mhm! Choke scrubs choke! Go tribe!