Damian Lillard

Another Friday means another chance for under the radar MCs to spit 4 bars for #4BarFriday. Follow @4barfriday and scroll through this slide show to get a glimpse of the type of talent we have in the #4BarFriday community. MCs Featured: @teezysodope, @itsyaboy_cam, @9psd2 and @ackuratethawise




Dad 🌹

@teezysodope omg I never noticed this, congrats T

Jayce boatwright

@asmooth_c first video. 4 of them thangs

Landon Sturdevant

Ft. DMX on number 4😂

Nathan Boundy

DAMN.. the second one though


You such a legend for this @damianlillard you should hit me wit the follow back for real you an idol