Jamie O'Brien

Ready for some more sunshine ☀️ thanks for the rad hammocks @grandtrunkgoods 📸 @jake_of_all_trades





@surf06 love it, and you're not sleeping 😜



Brian Frederico

Right behind you is we're it all began going with your pops to work at ali'i beach, getting all pumped up to the Johnny b good to night song then catching whitewater waves on bz soft tops 😂

Alexander kaine

Just take a look, it may be worth your time. Also its my million dollar dream to surf with you @whoisjob

Alexander kaine

Talked to @damovideo about you coming to cape hatteras, said you didnt like cold water. Water temp is almost 80. #hurricaneirma is around the corner. Track it watch it. Really would like to see you out here. If you do decide to chase this storm swell, let me know ill paddle out right next to you at my own expense @whoisjob