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#Regram #RG @voxdotcom: How do we talk about climate change in the wake of #HurricaneHarvey? Plenty of pieces have been written about it in the past few days, but as Vox’s energy and climate writer David Roberts puts it, they aren’t saying enough. . Here are a few crucial points about the impact of global warming on the storm — most importantly, it’s not fair to say climate change *caused* it, but it certainly made it worse. Click the link in our bio for five more key facts to help you contribute to the conversation. #climatechange #science




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@leanardodicaprio I want and am able to live at a place where I want to volunteer and need nothing but food and location to stay. Please take me seriously.

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Regarding fact no. 4, part of what is happening in Iraq and Syria have roots in #climatechange. Turkish government building dam on Tigris, the resulting desert expansion in Southern Iraq, worsening agricultural activities, disintegrating economic life blood for many people, thus making them vulnerable towards intolerance...... Also shortens the government hand, cutting already shrinking chances of improvement.... Definitely not *caused* by weather changes.... But helped the gloomy situation to get out of control.

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we all have to stop this


This is somewhat off the subject, but living in Louisiana I have noticed a change in our weather since the BP oil spill here in the gulf. We use to have several named storms each year. Up to this year we have had almost no hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico 🇲🇽. Now it seems the storms are back with a vengeance! The weather pattern has changed in this area...