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#Regram #RG @voxdotcom: How do we talk about climate change in the wake of #HurricaneHarvey? Plenty of pieces have been written about it in the past few days, but as Vox’s energy and climate writer David Roberts puts it, they aren’t saying enough. . Here are a few crucial points about the impact of global warming on the storm — most importantly, it’s not fair to say climate change *caused* it, but it certainly made it worse. Click the link in our bio for five more key facts to help you contribute to the conversation. #climatechange #science






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Stop burning fossil fuels and stop using HAARP

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Yes, this is such an important distinction: Climate change doesn’t “create” hurricanes, but can certainly in some cases make them stronger... 😔

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@leanardodicaprio I want and am able to live at a place where I want to volunteer and need nothing but food and location to stay. Please take me seriously.