Ariana Grande

💡♡ 🌙 neeeeeed to take a moment to burst with gratitude for everybody that works on this show. my band, my crew, my dancers. you are my second family. I will never take these friendships for granted. it's an honor to be on stage with you and to have you in my life. I love youuuu. soooo fuckin much. this has been a very long road but our exhaustion is certainly outweighed by our gratitude. staying as present as possible. •eight more• 🌩 @alfredoflores




maloo ☀❄



this is wonderful, I love you so much thank u



Diego Garcia

girl you rocked" some where over the rainbow" you really gave it your best thats my favorite song right now cant stop listening to it's so beautiful and emotional you really rocked it better than the original

Arianator ♡

Belgium 😭🙏🏻🌙💛


Great!I like this!