SENIOR SUNDAY! Come on, DogsOf Instagram community! Let's find Maddie a home!! This is the 4th time our friends @susiesseniordogs has shared Maddie's story with us and she is still in need of a furever family! 10 year old Maddie hasn't had any luck in finding a forever home but we remain hopeful her special adopter is out there...somewhere! Maddie has been patiently waiting at the @marinhumane animal shelter in Novato, California. Each day she hopes someone will come and choose her as their special companion, but that has yet to happen for Maddie. Maddie is VERY friendly and even has a special tolerance for kids. She's a lover! And although she has formally hit retirement age, Maddie still has a fair amount of energy and loves playtime. Her favorite thing in the world is being near people. She can be left home alone for several hours at a time, but she feels anxious when left home alone for too many hours in the day. So she hopes she can find a forever home where she can spend maximum amount of time with her favorite humans. She would do best living in a home without other animals, but she doesn't mind passing by other dogs in public. She could care less about them, she just doesn't want to be bothered by other canines. Maddie is waiting to fall in love, to find someone who she can follow around the house for all the rest of her years. Please keep your paws crossed for Maddie! To adopt Maddie, please email Julia at jlamont@marinhumanesociety.org with further questions. @marinhumane shelter is located at 171 Bel Marin Keys Blvd, Novato, CA.





💔 she is beautiful!


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Anna Oneal

I would adopt her in a second but I already have too many dogs ! @dogsofinstagram


Good luck Maddie, we know how it feels like waiting for a family! 🐾 crossed for you!

Britt Reeves

Working on it, guys! My mom has said she would love to adopt an older dog, as she just retired herself. I just sent the info over to her!!! Keep your paws crossed!


Beautiful, I hope your special family finds you soon, they'll be lucky to have you ♥️♥️ Daisy from Ireland xx