It's Winner Wednesday! Today we have an adorable pair of #plush #pigs for you to take home! 🐷🐷 Prissy and Pop are dressed up and ready to take on the town, with Prissy in her #pearls and #tutu, and Pop in his #bowtie and checkered vest. One lucky winner will get to enjoy cuddling up with these precious piggies. "Oink oink!" (That's their way of saying, "Good luck!") ✨💕Enter for the chance to win in our bio! #winnerwednesday #giveaway #gund #prissyandpop @prissy_pig




Snout Sisters™ |OFFICIAL

Done 🐽🐽❤️


😘 prissy and pop are such cuties 😍

Maureen Thomas

Entered for myself. Going to be getting a pet piggie within the year. These are adorable. Love Gund stuffed animals!!

Mark 😘🍕🙌🏽

I luvs these 🐷

Bethany Sadler

Entered for my daughter. She adores pigs and Prissy and Pop