Marlon Wayans

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Music Producer

I love this show it's fucking hilarious I haven't laughed out loud to myself in a while every epidsode has some funny shit !!!!!!!!!!!


I laughed so hard during this episode 😆😆


😍your #ENDLESS WAYANS ENERGY 😂😂😂😂😂😂@marlonwayans

Michelle Michelle

Love love love this show!! It doesnt even lookike acting ! 💙

Raven Walls

This was funny 😂 definitely when he came back on the hospital bed with his son @marlonwayans had me dying laughing 😂

Rhonda Key

@marlonwayans I cried laughing at yo crazy ass on the #HospitalParty. When u did that roll coming between those double doors, that did it. I love this show.

Kendra Ross #AN

I love this show. I'm watching the latest ep on Hulu right now. @marlonwayans you always been my favorite Wayans brother.❤️