50 Cent

Me and my boy Lance Bass chilling at Kennys B day party ( *NSYNC) #50centralbet




Anika Evanson

@johnnycqwest You can't get aids from touching a gay person, that's not the way it works.

Johnny C. Qwest

@nikki20_94 yeah you just might get aids. But seriously this is a.k.a. Ferrari not know botty mon sympathizer

Anika Evanson

@johnnycqwest It is just a picture. Is it a crime for him to take a picture with a gay person?

Kimberley Robinson

he can do this hes really a good dude for real you have to know your man hood he's not worried about that this dude he with just a good person i promise 50 is all man he just hanging with his equel they all got money gay or no who cares but i think 50 got more money than him 50 just like Oprah she's his buddy as well

Tasha Mallett

@50cent next time I want a pic, idc if I’m working