Leonardo DiCaprio

The @LeonardoDiCaprioFdn is proud to be a long-time supporter and partner with @SavetheElephants and @wildnetorg in the @ElephantCrisisFund. Together we have funded more than 160 projects across Africa and Asia to stop the killing of elephants, stop the trafficking, and stop the demand for their ivory. Watch the video and visit the new website to learn more about how you can help protect elephants. Link in bio. #ElephantCrisisFund #SavetheElephants #Ivory #NoPoaching #SayNoToIvory #ProtecttheElephants





Noooo!!! 😤


Oh nein 😭😱😨😰😢😥😪

Sanna Johanna

This makes me feel sick. I thought that killing animals is from ice age or something as oldfashioned. We do not need to kill animals for to live wealthy life. This is sick.

faeze prn

چه دردناک و ناراحت کننده است دنیای ما آدمها که حتی عظیم اجثه ترین حیوان خشکی با ابهت اش از دست بشری که دارای عقل و مخلوق کامل خداوند است در امان نیستند،خداوند عالم برای حفظ حیوانات و نجات و امنیت حیوانات به بشر حس محبت و انسانیت عنایت کند...سپاس از لطف و عنایت و محبتی که پسر خوب سینما برای زیباتر شدن جهان دارد...

Sabutai Haider

@saihai we need to address the above issue of killing animals to protect them, which makes no sense whatsoever in a conservation point of view. And until irresponsible world leaders are allowed to run amok with their policies, even our best efforts will amount to nothing.