Tarte Cosmetics

The search for the perfect red lipstick is finally over! Our #tarteist quick dry matte lip paint in cheerleader FTW!! 🏆💄 Thank you @buzzfeedtopknot!!! #naturalartistry #rethinknatural




Sasha Alexandria Ashcraft

But they're soooo drying

Maica C.

Try ta ani @carmeltherese

Alice Marie

Sometimes higher end products are expensive for their name brand not for the quality of the products :(

Alice Marie

My 7$ loreal lipstick stays on longer and doesn't dry out my lips and I can't even feel that I'm wearing it.. My 20$ tarte lipstick comes off within 20-30 min :( dries out my lips and cracks n crumbles.

Krystal Vazquez 🌻


Carissa Serbousek

Where can we get more videos like this?

Jessica Braughler

I love your shades but on my lips, they just don't stick....