Dale Daniel

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Don't u believe God can give life after death???

Jordan Shepard

I'm Jordan Shepard from Stockbridge, Georgia! A while ago, my mom and dad got a divorce, and in doing so, he took almost everything we had including majority of my mom's money. I recently just turned 16 and my mom wanted to buy me a car but she's in SERIOUSLY deep debt and can't. I know it's REALLY unconventional to ask, but is there anyway at all you can support? I have maintained All A honor roll for 6 consecutive years, am captain of the Varsity cheerleading squad at my school, am a state elected officer for the club that I am in at school, am taking college classes while in high school, and have been recognized on the national level as a Presidential Award of Academic Excellence recipient due to my outstanding academic achievements. It would mean the world. I'm only about $3500 short however I can understand if that's a huge reach! Thanks for your time! ☺️

Royal Origin

I fuck with you 100% my nigga.. let's get this cash


Dts true